Immagine 001I love milk buns, the ones that are a little sweet but get along  soo well with ham and cheese too as well as fruit jams or custard. Well, actually i wouldn’t eat this specific one with ham, but i’d like to put some butter and jam on it. They have a thin crunchy crust, and the softest and heavenly inside ever. The fresh smell of lemon and the little crunchiness added by the poppy seeds make it the perfect treat to serve for breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea. These buns are easy as pie too, and don’t take as long as regular bread.

To make about 20 buns you’ll need. 

2 1/2 cups (550 gr) manitoba flour

2 1/2 tbsps fresh yeasts ( 30 gr)

2 tbsps sugar

1 3/4 cups milk ( 2,5 dl)

6 tbsps unsalted butter ( 80 gr)

1tsp salt

1 tbsp poppy seeds

grated zest of one big ORGANIC lemon

Place the yeasts in a bowl, add one tbsp of sugar and two of slightly warm milk. Mix well, cover and set aside for about 20 minutes.

In a bigger bowl sift the flour, add the sugar and salt. In a pan heat half of the milk and allow the butter to melt in it. Once it’s melted turn the heat of and add the remaining milk.

Mix the yeasts dough into the flour, add the milk and butter mixture ( careful, it needs to be slightly warm, too warm you’d kill the yeasts). Mix well with your hands ( adding some more flour if needed), and make a ball. Make a cross cut on it, cover with a kitchen towel , put in a warm place and allow it to rise for about one hour or until the volume is doubled.

Take the dough and work it a little, then add the lemon zests and the poppy seeds. Divide it in two parts and make 10 buns out of each part. Place them on two sheetpans lined with parchment. Cover them with a lightly wet kitchen towel and let them rise in a warm place for othe 20 minutes.

Heat the oven at 380°, put a small pan filled with water on the bottom to keed humid the oven.

Brush the buns with the egg yolk lightly beaten with 2 tbsp of water and sprinkle some poppy seeds on top if you’d like to. 

Put in the oven and let cook for about 25 minutes or until golden brown.


I made a braid bun with half of the dough, what do you think? ;) 

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