Summer eggplants rolls

May 13, 2009


An easy mediterranean appetizer, just right for warm summer dinners.  Just slice lenght side an eggplant , you will need thin slices ( 5 mm) . Generously sprinkle every slice with salt and put them  into a  bowl , so the bitter water in the eggplants will be drained away by the salt. After a couple hours rinse one by one the slices and line them on a kitchen towel. Roast the eggplants in a flat pan without oil or butter, about 5 minutes each side. Allow them to cool down. Now, let’s start making the rolls! Spread a slice of roasted eggplant with a little tomato sauce ( made by cooking  2 1/2 cups of crushed canned tomatoes with 4 tbsps of olive oil, a piece of garlic ,a few fresh basil leaves  and a pinch of salt for about 15 minutes over medium heat and then 5 minutes over high heat), then some mozzarella cheese ( the shredded frozen one works just fine, i must say even better because it doesn’t release as much water as the fresh one does), a teaspoon of shredded parmisan cheese, and a basil leave. Now roll it on itself and close it with a toothpick. Repeat with the other roasted slices. Now put all the rolls in a oven pan, sprinkle them with a pinch of salt and a little olive oil. Cook them in the oven heated at 360° for about 8 minutes. They’re now ready to serve,maybe with a thin slice of parmisan cheese on top.Get ready to get applauses from you guests! ;)


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